3. Surface Grinder
  4. Introduction of technology


Surface Grinder

Mirror finishing
Mitsui's surface grinder employs a ball guide system of smooth operation. It is generally said that a ball guide system is not suitable to mirror finishing because of its poor rigidity. However, our endeavor to make component parts more accurate and rigid produces a mirror surface equivalent to that produced by other guide systems.

Typical machining data
Work: SKD-11
Grindstone: Diamond
Peripheral speed of grindstone: 800m/min
Table speed: 9m/min
Feed speed: 40mm/min
Machining accuracy: Rmax 0.1μm

Production line (Satisfy products nano precision requirment)

to provide customers with stable quality

Granite surface was placed on the Precision Machine Tools production floor.
Granite surface is usually used as a measuring equipment.
In order to produce nano precision, we realized to assemble it on the measuring equipment.
Marble's characteristics was applied.

  • Small thermal expansion
  • Small aging changes
  • No rust
  • No burr

Machines procuded on the granite surface plate floor was floating by the air. Refer to photo. (left)