Our never ending self-improvement and dedication to precision have made the impossible possible.
Mitsui High-tec traces back its humble beginnings to 1949 following the end of World War II when it began as a small company dedicated to manufacturing dies. The company managed to defy common wisdom at that time and achieve mass production through machine-manufacturing in the die-manufacturing process, which had, until then, been dependent on the skills of craftsmen. Since then, the company has been continuously growing and attracting attention by making the "technically impossible" possible, such as the development of precision tungsten carbide tools. Our founder’s spirit and belief that we must “never give up because something is impossible; if we use our ingenuity there will always be a way” and in “doing whatever we can to meet the demands of our customers” have been handed down to the Mitsui High-tec of today. Challenges that allow us to break through the barriers of common wisdom, and self-improvement that enables us to push our precision to the limit: these are the foundations upon which our ultra-precision processing technology has been built.