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Motor Core

About Motor Core


Motors are essential commodities for human's daily life.

For example, a hybrid car as a driver. Due to tough environmental regulations, hybridization and electric vehicles are progressing globally.
The motors of this type are for driving a large device but they are manufactured in full consideration of efficiency and economy so as to be ecological and to ensure the performance of comfortable drive.

Furthermore motors are used in many places where electricity works such as personal computers, household electrical appliances, electrical equipment and robots.

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Quality First

Mitsui High-tec, Inc. supplies motor cores for automotive application with more than 1.6 million sets per year with high precision interlock technology which has been cultivated for many years.
We are committed to zero defects to our customers. We have established a Quality system to achieve zero defective products and performed the best quality production output.
We have received various Supplier Awards for Quality and On-Time Delivery from customers all over the world. Using Mitsui’s fine dies enable lamination with materials its external diameters greater than 200 mm or with materials as thin as 0.3mm and produce high quality motor cores.