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Ultra-fine pitch

We are capable of 0.12mm tip-pitch for inner lead, which is at the topmost in our business field.
Leadframes having this ultra-fine pitch enables the lead tip to come nearer than conventional leadframes and, as the result, reduces the consumption of gold wire and increases the wafer efficiency by allowing downsizing of semiconductor chips; thus improving total cost performance.

Environmental measures

Leadframes responding to lead-free requirements.

Mitsui's environmental awareness long outdates the global movement of recent years. Our own concept “Never trouble our surrounding environment” is followed to take measures against emission of exhaust air and discharge of wastewater from our factories. We have also aggressively developed leadframes responding to the customers' recent requirements for lead-free products. In addition to the standard leadframe lineup of silver and gold plating, our Pb free lineup includes palladium plating.

Furthermore we are tackling the reduction of plating materials such as by thin plating, considering the effective use of limited resources on the earth.

High-accurate in-die interlocking

By highly accurate in-die interlocking technology, we have accomplished the production of leadframes with heat sink that are indispensable for power packaging, etc.

Our ultra-precision technology base enables even high-accurate in-die interlocking and, in the case of leadframes for power packaging which requires excellent performance in heat radiation, we can supply such leadframes at a lower cost than those on which heat sink is stuck with tape, etc.

High precision etching

Making use of highly accurate etching technology, we can manufacture the interposer for CSP at a low cost.

Making use of our original leadframe etching and half-etching technology, we have developed low-cost interposers for CSP such as SON as well as QFN and BGA.

This leadframe interposer is radically cheaper than conventional organic substrate and tape interposer used for CSP. Moreover, existing equipment such as wire bonding machines can be used to reduce the initial costs when developing new packaging methods.

Half-etch QFN

Flexible response to the production by both etching and stamping

We can select the production method of leadframes according to the demand of customers. Etching is suitable for the low volume production and new product development, and stamping is suitable for high volume production and cost reduction. As the result, we can cope with rapid changes in industrial circumstances.

Our etched products are designed with stamping conversion in mind, and this reduces conversion time and cost when switching to higher production volumes. Also, the production conversion from etching to stamping is done internally to guarantee a smooth supply ramp up.