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Precision Tooling / Precision Parts

Precision Tooling / Precision Parts

Motor Core Dies

Motor core MAC dies

Motor core MAC dies

High accuracy

Individual parts of die have high accuracy. If a trouble should occur to give damage on punch or die of our company, it can be easily restored by replacing only the damaged parts. This demonstrates the benefits of the entire die meeting exacting precision standards.
Furthermore, it is this super-precision capability that allowed success in laminating very thin material with automatic in-die interlocking.

Cost reduction

For a stepping motors, Dual Stamping Technology allows the stator and rotor to be stamping from the same square of material, resulting in twice the material efficiency over the standard one-per-one method. We recommend this die to save resources and preserve the global environment.

Improvement of productivity

The MAC System epitomizes efficient production of complete motor cores. The MAC system is an epoch-making system of our original development, in which all the processes from punching to lamination of core layers are performed inside a single die.


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