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Precision Tooling / Precision Parts

Mitsui's world-class facilities insure not only better quality through environmental control; Mitsui's plant is efficient and organized to gain all benefits from economy of scale, just-in-time logistics, and ownership-based control methodologies to insure each job is done right the first time.

Motor core dies


From the designing and manufacturing of dies to the stamping of cores, Mitsui's integrated global production system guarantees "top quality" and "low cost".


Leadframe dies


Leadframes have complicated shapes and, for punching such complicated shapes, some punches are thinner than a human hair and require the keenest care in machining and assembling. It is only our long-accumulated technology that enables such difficult work.


Other type of stamping tools
Our stamping technology includes applications for hard materials as well. We are confident that our sub-micron order precision tooling will meet your needs with excellent performance, trouble-free operation, and easier maintenance.
Typical applications
  • Ceramic punching dies: For manufacturing various electronic parts
  • Food package punching dies: For manufacturing pouched packages (for refreshing drinks, dairy drinks, etc.)
  • Thin stainless steel sheet punching dies: For HDD pickup, etc.