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Motors are essential commodities for human's daily life.

For example, a small vibration motor is used for the manner mode of mobile phone. In a very compact motor, a die-stamping rotor is used.

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A large motor is used in a hybrid car as a driver. The motors of this type are for driving a large device but they are manufactured in full consideration of efficiency and economy so as to be ecological and to ensure the performance of comfortable drive.

Furthermore motors are used in many places where electricity works such as personal computers, household electrical appliances, electrical equipment and robots.

We are producing many products deeply related to our daily life such as the parts constituting a motor and the dies for producing rotors and stators, and also offering stamping service as a comprehensive supplier of dies.


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Dies we supply are manufactured in sub-micron order and given high reliability from customers. Furthermore we have established a global network of stamping and maintenance service for satisfying customers' request any time.

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