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Since our foundation, our Group has been committed to contribute to society through our corporate activities in comply with laws and regulations as well as other socially common norms. In 2002, we established the Compliance Charter, which sets forth our specific code of conduct. In October 2022, we significantly updated the Charter and renamed as the “Mitsui High-tec Group Code of Conduct” to respond to the expansion and globalization of our business and the growing compliance awareness of society. To familiarize all of us with this Code of Conduct, we do activities such as reading it twice a year at each workplace and do discussions about “Compliance”.

In addition, the Compliance Committee chaired by the President and composed of Executive Directors and the Full-time Audit & Supervisory Committee Members is established as a body promoting compliance and the implementation of the Code of Conduct within whole of our Group.

Further, to detect and correct violations of compliance at an early stage, we have established a whistleblowing hotline both inside and outside our Group. To ensure whistleblower confidentiality and protect whistleblowers from being disadvantaged, we have put in place necessary internal regulations. Reports and consultations received through the whistleblowing hotline are thoroughly investigated and considered prevent measures for recurrence. The records of reports and consultations are reported to the Compliance Committee and the Board of Directors in consideration of the need to protect the identity of the involved person.

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