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  • Mitsui High-tec (Canada), Inc.
    60 Fen Ridge Court, Brantford, Ontario, N3V 1G2, Canada
    TEL: 1-519-750-5788
    FAX: 1-519-752-9825
    Manufacture and sale of Motor cores.
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San Jose

  • Mitsui High-tec, Inc. San Jose Representative Office
    1735 North First Street Suite 312, San Jose CA95112, U.S.A.
    TEL: 1-408-980-0782
    FAX: 1-408-727-8160
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  • Mitsui High-tec, Inc. Chicago Representative Office
    64 West Seegers Road Arlington Heights, IL 60005, U.S.A.
    TEL: 1-847-593-1634
    FAX: 1-847-593-5760
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